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YZF R125 Randomly Won’t Start

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YZF R125 2019 Won’t Start

i need some help understanding what’s going on with my bike.

yesterday i took it out for a ride and everything was fine until my license plate fell off. rode back home chained it up like always.

i left it out in the rain this morning and when i came to check on it the darn thing wouldn’t start…

i put the key in like always flipped the switch and when i tried to start it, it just wouldn’t. no noise no nothing, the lights are working so i don’t think it’s an electrical issue.

i tried physically moving it but the wheel seemed to be locked which has never happened to me before. i don’t know if any of it is related but i also have no idea on the mechanics of motorcycles.

anyone got any ideas of what could’ve happened?

is it related to the rain?

pic of my baby
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