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YZF R125 Randomly Won’t Start

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YZF R125 2019 Won’t Start

i need some help understanding what’s going on with my bike.

yesterday i took it out for a ride and everything was fine until my license plate fell off. rode back home chained it up like always.

i left it out in the rain this morning and when i came to check on it the darn thing wouldn’t start…

i put the key in like always flipped the switch and when i tried to start it, it just wouldn’t. no noise no nothing, the lights are working so i don’t think it’s an electrical issue.

i tried physically moving it but the wheel seemed to be locked which has never happened to me before. i don’t know if any of it is related but i also have no idea on the mechanics of motorcycles.

anyone got any ideas of what could’ve happened?

is it related to the rain?

pic of my baby
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when you turn the key listen from the middle of the tank - does the fuel pump whirr momentarily like it should?

inermittent starting issues are normally fuel pump and the lack of whirr when you turn the key would be the clue.

That looks like a 2017+ so idk what any warnigns lights would look like since i dont have one.

If it's in neutral then not starting sounds potentially unrelated to the wheel being locked up unless it's a false neutral, but presumably you've tried putting it in gear and back to neutral.

I guess key is to establish which wheel is locked? do you have a paddock stand to lift the rear wheel?

If you have no paddock stand but a friend to help you can carefully pull the bike towards you and backwards a little or towards you and forwards a little (onto the stand, so the stand takes the weight of the bike and acts as a lever to lift one of the wheels.... which will lift either the front or rear wheel depending on which direction you pull, or both wheels if you pull it towards you exactly balanced.

afaik it's an old stunter trick and means you can rotate the bike in a very tight space without a lift.

BE VERY CAREFUL since obviously if pulling towards you and forwards on the stand (to lift the back wheel), there will be a point quite soon where if you pull too much the stand will fold up and the bike will fall on you.. so we're really talking only lifting a tiny tiny amount (0.5-1cm), and maybe wedging a brick or piece of wood under the front wheel will stop the bike rolling forward and the stand folding up and you dropping it.

Alternatively (again pref with a friend to help stabilise) you can put one shoulder under the tail and lift the back wheel up just a tiny bit and see if you can rotate the rear wheel it by hand. If in neutral it should go round.. if it doesn't then look at he brake disk, whether the front sprocket is rotating freely etc. I guess it would be easier to put left shoulder under the tail and lean into the stand a bit - but again, a friend to help or at the least try and wedge it up against something, or brick/piece of wood under front wheel so that it doesn't end up landing on you or the floor.

also maybe look at the chain when you try to move it.. does the top or bottom of the chain tighten up - in which case perhaps the wheels turn freely but the front sprocket isn't going round.

hope that helps..
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