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Yzf R125 Parts

Discussion in 'YZF-R125 Area' started by blackizzz, May 9, 2013.

  1. Xjhnok


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    My Yzf R1
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    Hi Iam new here can any one help has anyone put a big bore on I have put a 180 big bore on and it's a pig to start it is the original injection on it and I've taken the air filter out because there was a flat spot when revving it what have any of you done if so please
  2. knut


    Current Bike (Optional):
    yamaha yzf r125 2008
    Hi i got a yamaha yzf r125 2008 model but i whant to change forks from a 17 model them are upside down forks can i only change the forks or do i need to change more? thank for the help!
  3. NorthCust

    NorthCust Active Member

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    2008 Yamaha R125, Gasgas TXT 280, Stretched Neos
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    UK Full Bike
    hmm the later ones will have ABS, I wonder if that means the speed sensor connection would be different. If it still has a hall-effect speed sensor like the early bikes then great but if it gets the speed from the ABS ring then you might have some interesting decisions to make.

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