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Anyone out there who's successfully wrapped the bike's main panels to a good standard? If so, what's your technique for the tail panels (picture) - I've wrapped the bike (besides the tank - ran out..) however I've had great difficulty when tackling the rear panels, the angles that they have make it so you have a huge amount of excess wrap and I've had to do a jank joint that's very visible up close.
The red line on the panel in the picture is the place where I've had to do the joint (where the excess was). Essentially the piece of wrap (blue line) is straight but when you encounter an angle the straight line turns in on itself and brings in the material to the middle. It's quite simple and I knew this was going to happen but I just didn't see a better way to go about it.
So the question is, is there any way to avoid having that excess completely and what is it?
(Right now waiting on the roll for the tank and about to wrap a few other panels in matte black and I know for a fact that the tank will be a nightmare if there's no good way to avoid this)
Thanks :)
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