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Wr125 R Now Made Into A 254cc - Need Some Technical Help Please !!

Discussion in 'Technical / Mechanical Discussion' started by Rodge, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Rodge

    Rodge New Member

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    Hello From France Europe I need a technical expert for Yzf or WRr

    I have a wr125r from 2009 fuel Injected Phase V1 bike 15 Hp standard

    And i have Heavilly modified it - for fun and made it into a 254 CC motor . 68mm piston kit, Stroker jack Crank , UMA Superhead with race cam , Big injector . 42mm Throttle body , de cat exhaust, Power-tronics piggy back delimited RPM ecu programable . custom air box and 40mm air piping

    So the bike is now back togeathar, I got it to run - but it run not good - flashing contol engine light, Code is do do with TPS - throttle position sensor

    Here is my question -

    The Throttle body i use is huge 42mm made for the R15 V2 model and my bike is V1 originally .. So i have used the Throttle Position sensor from the V2 .

    The V2 TPS has smaller plug than V1 TPS, they look the same except got the fastening screws are like 180 degrees different..
    Both TPS have a 5 pin plug , They seem to both sense Throttle position + intake air temp + MAP - (manifold vacuum )

    Im not sure how to copy the wiring from V1 TPS to V2 TPS , I find no Pin out- I have tried taking the pins like for like - then tried it backwards, still not good,

    when i look close at the TPS there is tiny hole inside a vacuum chamber to sense MAP in the V2 TPS and in the V1 TPS there is same chamber but not tiny hole to detect the pressure- if that makes sense. so it makes me think maybe V1 does not detect map at all ,

    on MOTOGAGA website he say that we can swap TPS sensor IF we modify wiring but he do not say more than this... Has anyone done this ever or anyone know these bikes electronically ?

    Photos i hope work so you can see what i mean about tps .


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