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I need some help my engine light is flashing an I dont get how to read the code what it’s trying to tell me. I think it’s 4 fast 3 slow what does that mean? Please help she started fine yesterday I went to start her again an now comes up with this engine light

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what year is the bike?

i googled: "yzf-r125 ecu fault codes" which let me to this very forum:

Also the service manual has it covered in detail on page 8-31 (again, use google to find a service manual - there's one for R125, will be close enough for this):

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so according to this page the slow flashes are for the "10" value, and the short for the "1" value .. so 3 slow, 4 fast would be code 34, which doesn't appear to exist, hence asking what year bike.. in case it's a later one which has different codes (idk f that's a thing, idk much about WRs). Otherwise double check the sequence. It should be slow flashes first, then the fastt flashes, then a 3 sec gap before it repeats.

Hope that helps

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