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There is a pretty interesting sounding game that I wouldn't mind trying out...
Although it requires a fair number of active players and the game would take a while to complete, and may be kinda complicated.

BUT, if some of you are willing to give it a go, it could be potentially quite fun?
Let me know what you think...

It actually sounds more complicated than it sounds, but it essentially revolves around arguing over which member to lynch :p (I would be happy to organise the whole thing, and make it as easy as possible etc.)

All it would require is you to log in every day or so, and vote / comment.


How You Play:

There are two teams.
Mafia, and innocents.
(typical theme, is mafia vs innocents, but this can be changed to anything).

- Out of all the people playing, a few are selected at random to be mafia. Those who are chosen, are done so secretly.

- During night stage, those who were selected as mafia, PM the moderator to say who they wish to 'kill' (they must be at an agreement).

- Then the game proceeds to day stage. The moderator then announces the death of the selected person. And that person is out of the game.

- ALL players, innocents and mafia (pretending to be innocent), must then argue, and come to a decision as to who they feel should be lynched (who they think is the mafia member). The person with the most votes is then 'lynched'. That person is also out of the game.

- The Mafia win if they outnumber the innocents, and the innocents win if they lynch all the mafia.

- There are other optional roles, such as doctors / detectives, but that complicates things.


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We CAN have more than one ya know ;)

d-r125 My poor server, all these pictures! :p I am going to need some more disk space :p
Luckily I have stupidly high bandwidth hehe

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this sounds like 'wink murder' with a nice violent twist.
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