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REALLY depends on your budget.

RST is pretty good!
It's genelaly the standard in cheap gear, more or less everywhere will stock it.
I wouldn't quite recommend their CHEAPEST products, but their jackets and trousers which are over £100 are pretty damn good.
Warm, reasonably well made, lots of pockets, most have removeable linings, 360 zips etc. etc
I have both the cheapest trousers, and jacket they do. £70 and £80 respectively.
So far they have seen me through the 12,000 miles!!!
I wear them all day every day pretty much.
The only signs of wear, is on the jacket, the stitching on one of the (many) pockets is fraying.
The rest of it is perfect though!
It was far too hot in the summer though, as mine is the only textile jacket they do which doesn't have a removeable lining I think.

Their slightly more expesive gear is spot on.
I plan to get the RST Razor leather jacket and trousers, as numerous members have rated them highly in the past.

I have RST trachtech gloves for the summer. They are brilliant! They don't feel amazing quality, but they are very well vented and I feel safe in them.
And were under £50.
They are also highly rated generally by other members...

I have a pair of Richa winter gloves which I really cannot fault to be honest. Very warm, keep me very dry.
And they feel high quality. I haven't seen this brand around a LOT, but they seem pretty good.

My boots, are some brand I have never heard of. They came with my bike.
I don't think you can go far wrong with boots really...
My biggest recommendation, which is what I actually do... is wear hiking boots.

A pair of £30 boots will keep your feet bone dry in even the wettest of weather.
They are warm!
Very very comfortable.
And you can walk for miles in them!
If you do them up well, they wont come off in an accident, and most of them will support / protect your ankles.

The final piece of gear I have, is a pair of 'Draggin Jeans' kevlar jeans which I won in a raffle. They are ridiculously expensive!
But they are great. You can get cheaper pairs, I think mine might be 'designer'.
They claim to hold together in even the fastest / worst slides, but I don't feel all that safe in them, due to the lack of armour.
BUT, they feel more or less like normal jeans, and I went for a plain black pair so I can wear them to almost anything.
Means, I can often just hop on the bike and go. They are very cool and comfortable to wear in summer, and are nice and casual.
And by far a lot better than any standard pair of trousers, or jeans.

If you're on a really tight budget, then I hear Lidls does some bike gear ;)

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That joke was awful D :p

Anyway, another good name in cheap is Spada!
In fact their Predator gloves were chosen as the best cost/protection ratio that you can buy today.
I have their entry-level Axis gloves, and they're also fantastic.
Worn for over a year, every day, and not a single piece of stitching has started to fray, and they were only £25!
Little in the way of actual impact armour, but they're made of proper leather, so I'd reccommend 'em for town riding.

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i have a lot of j&s stuff!
the trousers i got are really good!
and there fairily cheap!

but yea RST are good!
iv got moto piolte S gloves by them for the summer and i love them!
iv alos got some astar stuff wich i absolutly love!

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Got an RST Motopilot jacket. Very very good for the price. The zip is starting to go on it a bit though but ive had it for 3 years and at £130 can't sniff at that. Will be buying more RST gear when the time comes but i'm thinking of getting a 3/4 length jacket this time around.

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I also have RST. I have the razor jacket and trousers and the tractech boots. Dont get the razor gloves there ok for the money but not great!!
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