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It's taken me about 3 weeks to come in here again and even read stuff like motorcycles.

I've been in the hospital now a month residential property in mumbai

Basically I want to write out what happened so other people can learn from it and maybe protect themselves better than me.

It was 1 bhk in mulund night time just cruising along and a honda civic comes up next to me and starts trying to race me. I'm just like dude its a sports bike and shook my head. Well at the light he took off like fast and the furious probably trying to impress the girl in his front seat.

The speed limit is runwal dombivali 50 so I'm going about 55 and the dude is about 4-6 car lengths ahead of me ripping it going towards an intersection. I see a car on the right so I'm slowing down watching his tires incase he tries to pull out infront of me don't see anything else cause the civic is blocking my view of anyone turning.
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