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I recently bought an R125 from marketplace. Now everything is fine and well with the bike, I just have 1 major concern regarding the exhaust pipe, the tube thats Usually open on the pipe had been cut and welded shut. Can anyone shed some light on what that could mean?

attatched is an image of what I mean

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I thinik this is some sort of EGR thing which is usually the first thing everyone blocks off on a gen1.

Previously there will have been a pipe which goes from that little pipe off the exhaust exhaust thought a one-way valve attached to the top two bolts of the clutch cover, and ending in the airbox.

Since they've blocked off the bottom end, it might be worth checking they've also blocked off ther corresponding airbox hole, otherwise your bike might run oddly. I believe the hole is on the right-side (clutch cover side) of the airbox.

As long as the airbox hole is also blocked up having the exhaust hole blocked up should present no issue. I have the same on mine but I just blocked the hose and left all the original stuff in place so it was easily undoable rather than welding it shut.
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