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Hi, I'm thinking of getting a bike, but being very new to this world I thought I'd seek some advice here regarding what your views and opinions are towards used bikes of better makes versus new bikes of arguably worse quality (ie big box stores).

The two bikes I'm looking at would be either:
A) Brand new Raleigh Overtake on clearance at ~$316 at a local big box store.
B) Used 2005 Trek 1000 through a friend who's knowledgable about bikes for ~$200.

Now I totally understand that no one can give me an exact recommendation of what to do without knowing of the condition of the used bike (I'd post pics but haven't met the post quota yet to be able to do that), but I'm more thinking about just the generalities of buying a bike that old. I've seen local forum posts of biking enthusiasts completely pan the notion of buying a bike from that store but are big box stores really THAT bad versus your small dedicated bike stores, or versus what seems to be an ancient bike? Anyways would love to hear some of your opinions.

Thanks in advance!
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