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Urgent! Big Foot Needs Help!

Discussion in 'General Biking Chat' started by Arnie91, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Arnie91


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    YZF R125 Satin blACK
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    Hey Everyone.

    Been lurking on here for a while but now I need your help.

    I'm on a Satin Black YZF R125, im going right up to the direct access course with a trainer

    I have ordered beautiful SIDI boots

    I had a issue wearing thick trainers and trying to change the gear, my size is UK 13-15 in trainers, these boots are 11 as I have MTB boots from Sidi for biking.

    I cant even get my foot under the clutch and just tried to go for a midnight ride and was stuck. Mission Aborted. I cant get the boot in between the clutch pedal and rear footpegs, its too big

    I've been told I might need aftermarket foot pegs.

    Please help, any trainer or boot is just too big for me to get under the clutch pedal and change gear upwards. I mean that clutch pedal is tiny.

    Urgently looking for help and tips.


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  3. NorthCust

    NorthCust Active Member

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    2008 Yamaha R125
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    UK Full Bike
    oh wow nice boots. are they the crossfire ones?

    so idk if this is much help but I recently got some "trials" boots and ran into the same problem. plus I have like zero articulation in the ankle in them. Only way I found to change gear was turn my foot toe in so heel missed the footpeg and only caught the gearshift, and then just mash it up or down. No feel or anything to it though and probably really not what you need on your test. but I guess rocking up in flipflops isn't ideal either :-\

    I've not really pushed to find a solution since apparently changing gears doesn't really apply with trials (??), or at least not in the way I'm used to...(apparently, I'm waiting to find out)

    >> I've been told I might need aftermarket foot pegs.

    these look to be the default aftermarket rearset for the R125 - and idk about you but they look smaller and dinkier if anything, though they do look to have a bit of rearward adjustment on the peg so you may just get enough room perhaps.. idk. doesn't look to be much in it. Vivra has a set on his R125 which you can just about see here - see what you think:

    alternatively maybe what you need is a mate with a welder and just get a stock pedal and extend/adapt it to fit you.

    You're not doing your test on the R125 though are you? do your boots fit under the pedal on that bike?
  4. Captain Slow

    Captain Slow Super Member

    Fleetwood, Lancashire
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    R125, R3, CBR929RR, R1
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    UK Full Bike
    Whatever you have been wearing to date when riding the R125 is the simplest solution but only wear that footwear to get to the meeting point with your instructor. Probably better to drive there, or have someone drop you off. The gap in the pictures looks small but you have a later model R125 where the gear shifter is hung from the engine rather than the earlier model where it was hinged off the footpeg. The solution would be to bend the lever on the bike into a higher position by heating it up. Providing it doesn't foul on the bodywork.

    If your doing DAS then you have to use a larger cc bike anyway. I think it has to be 650cc minimum so you shouldn't have a problem on that bike.

    I do find that when I switch back to the R125 I have to toe down with my foot angle in order to get used to the gear shift position over my bigger bikes.
  5. misiozol

    misiozol Member

    I have simple solution, buy bigger bike :p
  6. AxionUK


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    Yamaha YZF R125 (2008)
    License Currently Held:
    UK Provisional (CBT)
    I've got the same rearset as Vivra does, I can get you a closeup picture if you want but I'm pretty sure the pedal is way smaller on them than the stock (also very poorly designed as the articulating part linking the pedal shifter rod to the gearbox shifter spindle was not protruding enough outwards for the rod to move freely on my 08 model)
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