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Unknown hose.

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So I've had my 2013 YZF-R for nearly 2 years now and I've gotten used to most of the ins and outs but I've discovered a new hose I don't recognise.

It came back from the garage (only changed my tyre and spark plug) a month ago with a serious lack in power, or rather acceleration, and if I get to like 45-50mph the engine light comes on, stays for about fifteen minutes, then turns off again. So I've been through the process of chain and sprockets and fuel cleaner and oil change, all the usual stuff.

But I've found a hose, black rubber with one end angled and the other flat, about 60cm long. It wasn't attached at either end and was just kind of wedged inside my fairings, never seen it before.

It's not the fuel pump or air/overflow tube. Not the coolant overflow either, the garage say they have no idea but I'm pretty sure it's meant to go somewhere.

Any ideas?

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how about a pic of said mystery hose?
how about a pic of said mystery hose?
Hope these help, I've got both my other overflow tubes and it wasn't there before being sent to the garage so this one really stumped me.

Any suggestion would be great!

Thankyou x
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oh that looks like the battery venting/offgassing hose I think. If it was on the right then it usually goes from the battery, down the right side of the frame, exits around where the clutch casing meets the frame.

I believe there's a similar hose on the left hand side too which iirc would be the the fuel/filler overflow (the little bit which comes off to the left of the fuel cap under the tank cover and does a similar route down and exits at the bottom of the plastics somewhere..
Oh! Thankyou so much! That was it, you've been a massive help x
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