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Someone Crashed Then Tried To Get A Date.

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Best title I could think of;
Essentially, this morning driving back from my house, my girlfriend saw a bright orange Kawasaki slide out round a bend she was about to go round, says she slammed the brakes on but nearly ran over the guy!
She was shocked and just sat there shaking for ages, and apparently the man himself stood right up, pushed the bike to the side of the road then came over to check if she was alright.
I quote the next text:
Yeah he just got straight back up, comes over and says "Fucking hell I hate winter. Jesus love, you look like you need a drink, meet me tonight at Three Ponds, 8pm".

Gotta admire the man's balls, but a 20-something crashing and then trying to take a 17 year old out for a drink? Priorities bud :p

Anyway, that concludes my funny story for the day.

PS. Was it you Benji? :rolleyes:
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yeah big cajones there! fair play in a way
Haha, yeah, he's got cheek, give him that :p
I was shocked for the answer though, when I crashed she gave the bike all the sympathy, I didn't get nowt!
suppose he was tryin to pick up the pride he just lost down the road lol
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orange Kawasaki === Hope not Benji.....
He said a 20-something year old? ;)
Well, she said 20-something, I dunno how good Benji looks for his age ;)
That said, if it was Benji I'ma shank him. :p
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