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Well last night i set out to replace my grips with renthal road race!
Started on the throttle side, undone the bar end, easy as pie, get a screwdriver and lube, get the grip off with ease, swap it over and all is well :)
go to the clutch side, insert the allen key and it's just spinning :s have a look and it has already rounded! I was shocked t see this as i haven't tried to take them off before and i brought the bike new! the only think i can think of is that someone has tried to steal it and has rounded it off! bastards! so i got a pipe wrench and try and get it off, and duck me this wasn't coming off! after talking with the ol' man the only way we could think off was to drill a hole through then use a tommy bar and get it off that way! so i got round to it tonight, started drilling:

got all the way through and used a screwdriver to try and twist it, and just ended up bending it! so we used a bigger drill bit to use a stronger bar, it blunted 2 bits and the third snapped :L

After all the drilling we got it off picked the bar end up and duck, its ducking red hot :L so i throw it in the dogs water bowl to cool it down, it heated the whole bar aswell :L replaced the grip and checked the bar end before replacing, and what with it being rounded on top of that some glue from the grips managed to get into the thread of the bar end, so that was why it was ducking solid! :L so i cleaned it up and replaced it.

Now ive just got to order some new bar ends to get rid of the hole in it :L
All is well now and happy with the new grips, feel so much better :)
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