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I know this has been covered by Killa, as i was to lazy to do a how to, but its a new forum so ill write it up seeing as it was my idea (no disrespect Killa) Also using his picture.

First things first you will need to remove the end cap, 3 bolts hold it on unscrew them then pull it of. I dont think this warrants a picture, really simple to find.

Next you should be met with the sight of a mounting bracket for the tip and a little pipe ( which is actually the where the exhaust gasses come from) sticking out in the middle of the bracket.

The red box you see is where the original pipe would of been and the pipe you will see , as you can see in the photo this has been cut of by Killa, this is what you need to do, just saw it straight of. It takes abit of effort as its strong metal, but with a bit of lube on the Hacksaw it will glide right through* note - The smaller and sharper the saw, the better *

The result is that the exhaust looks standard but pops and sounds beefier due to the gases expanding inside of the exhaust tip instead of shooting straight out. PLEASE NOTE - The exhaust may get hotter due to this. Also it will void warranty on the engine due to standard parts being fettled with, they will say its too much back pressure if anything goes wrong. Also metal tips will work better than plastic due to metal resonating sound better.

Hope this helps, i know its not as in depth as Killas but still explains rather well me thinks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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