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Polini Big Bore + Marzocchi Suspension (r125 Race Bike?)

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So, I was discussing my bike today with my instructor...

And apparently, back when the bike was first released, for £3,500 you could buy a race ready R125.

It included (race fairings I assume? not sure though).
BUT, interestingly it included:

Polini 180 big bore kit, and a Marcozzi new front end AND active rear suspension.
Active meaning it has a computer controlling it...

If this holds true, why have I not heard anything about it?
Apparently his son used to race one (and he used to work for Yamaha).

He also seems to think that they have made some big changes for the 2012 bike, something about a new gearbox I think... or something like that... No idea where he is getting this information, and if it holds true :S
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dont think it will have been released mainstream coz if it was we wud have seen/heard more? and as for changes to 2012 i think yamaha would've made a big deal about it if they have changed parts. to me just looks like a diff colour scheme
Not a chance, active suspension is banned in pretty much all motorsport, if you think the Ducati Panigale now comes with it, it's very unlikely that the R125 did. Nobody I know, or have spoken to, know anything at all about race bikes offered from Yamaha, including a guy who deals with Yamaha Racing parts as part of his job.
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