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I would have:

1. R182 (for getting around town cheaply)
2. R6 (for throwing around twisties, and generally holliganning around on.)
3. R1 (for showing off, and for motorway travel. Or generally when I want to go fast!)
4. XJ6 (for general commuting, and if I ever feel inclined to go stunting...)
5. WR450F (for when it snows, or I feel the need to go off road).

Although, I would have to swap ONE of those out, for the XT660Z Tenere I think, as I want a touring / adventure bike!

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Can't believe I didn't do this! I asked for the thread :p

1.Sportsbike: GSXR 600 K5. In red, like this: (I'd have to modify a new style Akra can on there).
This IS my dream bike.

2. Cruiser: Difficult choice, but after the motorshow, Ducati Diavel runs away by miles with this spot.

3. Icon. I love the Harley sound, and I'd quite like a naked bike in there, so what's the obvious answer?
BUELL! This is the XB Lightning, with See-through airbox lid. Peak!

4. Supermoto:
Weirdly far down the list, this is probably the second bike I will end up buying. Something multi-purpose, with Supermoto and Offroad wheels, for whatever I want it to do!
If I still had the R125 at this point, it'd be the WR because of the shared parts; if not, then there's so much choice!

And number 5: Very hard to pick a bike to fit here; there's so much it could be!
I'd love to have a Crossplane R1 for that sound, but the last flatplane one was beautiful; maybe have to work out a way to swap the panels over, eh! If not, what about an RSV4? Or maybe an Sthou. Ooooh, I'd love a Ducati. Always did like the idea of a Supernaked too... What about the Duke?

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1). Kawasaki ZX6R - just like the one I own, but more loaded with toys.
2). Bimota Tesi-3D - just for the sheer engineering porn.
3). Ducati MultiStrada - quick touring bike, packed with technology
4) KTM RC8 - got to have a twin in there somewhere, and I'm not having two Ducati's in the list.
5) Honda Fireblade (08) - again loaded with toys, iconic sportsbike heritage

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1. Sach xtc ( first bike )
2. R125 (not mine though)
3. R6 ( 99-03 no earler no later )
4. 848 ( Need I say more)
5. Daytona 675 ( proud british )

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1. Harley V-Rod or Harley Fatboy (the one from Terminator 2, purely because it's my favourite film of all time).
2. 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 in Yellow.
3. Ducati Diavel .... stunning bike.
4. 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa, love the massive cans on it.
5. 2008 ZX10R in blue.

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1. Gsxr750 (k8 onwards)
2. R6
3. Zx10 (I was allowed to rev one of these the other day!) :D
4. R125 (my one when I've finally sorted everything out)
5. Xj6 diversion f abs

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What can I say... love the idea, so here's my tuppence worth!

1. Honda VFR 800
2. Triumph Daytona 675 (quite popular, so it is!)
3. BMW F800 GS
4. Ducati 1199 Panigale
5. Streethawk!!!
But I wouldn't mind adding a Rokon Trailbreaker to the list!
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