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congrats on the license, welcome to biking :)

not being funny but idk how going out and riding your bike on your own puts you or anyone else at risk of covid unless you stack and end up in A+E ofc...so perhaps stick to exploring/touring rather than wheelies or particularly "risky" behaviour.

I go out on long rides exploring in the countryside and have done all year, albeit not as frequently as I would have normally (once every 2-3 weeks rather than couple fo times a week).. and I barely see another person. It's been glorious.I don't go into places, and I don't stop anywhere or interact with anyone, and even refuel using the BP app when I can rather than go inside.

I've never been stopped and in fact nobody has even ever questioned it, though I do tend to put my panniers on and try to look like I'm going somewhere with purpose (e.g. "commuting" type gear rather than blatant leathers/"out for a thrash" type clothing).

You can always just say you're going to meet 5 of your friends to go grouse shooting or on your way to work/school/making-a-donation-to-the-tory-party since those things seem to be perfectly "ok" virus-wise :p

If you break down be prepared that the recovery vehicle may take the bike but leave you stranded to get a taxi or whatever though (bc that makes sense lol!).

*btw my partner is immunocompromised so is considered "high risk" group so this isn't some "I'm allright jack" type/denier BS thing either, just using common sense. We still wipe our shopping down before it comes into the house and I quarantine my clothing and shower immediately after I've been out just in case for their sake. But I go kinda mental if i don't get out on the bike now and then ( i mostly work from home so just 24/7 in the same room is not good) so beyond a point it's more of a risk for me to stay in than go out.

You do you...be sensible about it and you'll be fine :)

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