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Motorcycle Vloggers - Why I Hate 'mordeth13'

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firstly, look at his disabling comments and the remark he puts at the top of the video. then skip to 1:35 and watch and listen. decide for yourself, but the guy is a clueless idiot. this just sums up every single clip i've ever seen from the guy:
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I used to watch him quite regularly, until I actually started riding a bike.. Lol
every single time he ever does something wrong he says 'i locked up either the front or the rear, i don't know which!' you'd know full well after picking yourself up if you locked your front wheel on a Ninja 250r. that's what happens when you ignore the 128567123 chevrons and the rider slowing down on the bend and charge your corners.
His videos certainly are..... interesting.
I used to watch him quite a bit...
He is very popular though, I must give him that ^^
His road positioning is appalling, and he just gives a commentary that makes you want to stuff the microphone down his throat till the agonal breathing starts.
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i despise the guy. he's an idiot and people look up to him. like Ben said above, people watch his videos before they know how to use a bike. he's such a poor role model and sets an horrendous example of cycling.
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I don't like this guy he always seems to be on a different part of the road to where I would want to be.

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wtf hes abit of a ....(im bein a good boy Fisher:))

and who on earth would compliment his riding! hes rubbish he cant even hold a line! on a ninja 250!
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This just flashed up on my Youtube home screen...

...In other news, just HOW many bikes does he own? He seems to have a different one in just about every video?
if only it had dragged him down into the road and then the path of an oncoming freight train.
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What kind if an idiot wedges their helmet between the brake and the throttle?
He's got 3 I think Cam, two peds and a Ninja
i still cant belive he cant hold a line on a ninja 250!
What a dickhead, i do not even hang my helmet on the bars let alone in between the brake lever and the throttle.
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I think he has a Ninja 650r [aka ER6F] aswell as some mopeds?
I think he has a Ninja 650r [aka ER6F] aswell as some mopeds?
I thought he has a big bike, or possibly two :S
If you do ignore his atrocious motorcycling...

He DOES have entertainment value.
Why else would so many people subscribe?

Why else would you watch him Ben ?
Have just been watching through some other stuff of his-
He does have a 650, so must have changed. He's mildly entertaining, but yeah.
He doesn't know how to ride :p
Was watching him vs. a friend on Ninjas a minute ago, and for a sudden stop, he pulled the clutch in and braked...

Oh well. Mildly entertaining.
Anyone watched Shockofgod? He's quite good if you can overlook the constant religious chatter.
i saw the one of Shockofgod nearly getting killed and the guy in the truck claiming someone drove into his lane so he in turn had to go into the bike's. load of bollocks.
Well he'd be quite good as a background programme (he is on a radio show after all)...
But there's quite a few videos where he gets a bit evangelical, I guess is the word.
Well... some people actually DO say that the best way to do an emergency stop is to pull the clutch.
If you were very experienced, then I could be inclined to agree.

AFTER all, ABS bikes, you are supposed to pull the clutch...
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