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Is My Fuel Pump Dying?

Discussion in 'General Biking Chat' started by seb15243, May 20, 2019.

  1. seb15243

    seb15243 Active Member

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    Yzf r125, RS50 Streetfighter and Honda VFR750.
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    Hi guys, im sorry if this post isn't supposed to be here, but right now I just sat down with a beer trying to figure what the hell is going on with my yamaha. Ive had issues from day focking 1 with this bike and today the damn bike broke down on me after sitting in the sun for a few hours (it was quite hot).

    I rode it to work this morning, no problems, rode home, no problems. Since the weather were good I left it outside while eating dinner, but when I was ready to set off, it fired up like normal, but died pretty quick. Id say it ran for about 5 sec and then died. She did NOT want to start after that, and it didn't prime the fuel pump when I turned on the ignition like it should. I tried once using start-gas, just to check if that would make it fire. And it did for a sec so it has spark and compression.

    I topped it up with fuel this morning so it has plenty of fuel. I left it in the garage for a few hours, and tried again. It started right away! But this time the fuel pump made its priming-sound. Is my fuel pump dying? Is this related to the hot weather? I took it for a ride an hour ago and stopped at a parking lot, restarting the engine a couple of times, just to check that the the fuel pump kept priming like its supposed to, and it did.

    ( I`ll never buy a injector bike again, its too much electronics and problems. Carb bikes are better) [​IMG]

    Is my fuel pump dying? Was it caused by the hot weather? Id say 30+ Celsius in the sun, so id consider that as hot..
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  3. NorthCust

    NorthCust Active Member

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    2008 Yamaha R125, Gasgas TXT 280, Stretched Neos
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    UK Full Bike
    Mine did something similar not long ago, replaced the fuel pump and it's been fine since.

    It's not a particularly difficult job to do - main issues were related to the little circlip which holds the strainer thing on the bottom - trying to get it it stay put. The aftermarket circlip was a bit rubbish. Get OEM if possible imho.

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