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About a month ago i was riding with some friends, but suddenly i lost all engine power going about 80 km/h. i pulled over to the side of the road so i didnt do more damage to the engine. when i was slowing down to a complete stop the engine cut out completely and didn't want to start again, (the engine "cranks" so i would think that's a good sing). when i stopped i checked the oil levels and they seemed to be good, the oil was last changed about 2000 km ago, and i thought that might have been the case, but i did some research and people say u dont really need to change the oil before around 3000 km, is this wrong?.

a thing that also came to my mind was the sparkplug maybe had gone bad, it wasn't raining that day so its not wet.

the bike's battery is also in good condition.

Has anyone experienced this before? if so let me know the problem and how you solved it.
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