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Washed my bike today because it was filth, thought I'd prepare a HOW TO as well :D

  1. Bucket of water
  2. Sponge/mit
  3. Cleaning product of your choice, in this case MUC OFF
  4. Microfibre trying towels
  5. Hose
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Hopefully your hose isn't like mine!!! Took 30min just to get all the ice out of it! And there was some really large ice cubes!
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Step 1: Use the hose on your bike, get it nice and wet - Try avoid SOAKING the electrics/chain, it can be wet but no need to drench it.
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Step 2: Once the bike has been wet all over, you know start applying the bike cleaning product. Squirt MucOff all over the bike.
Step 3: Leave MucOff solution on the bike,wait 5 minutes allow the cleaning product to work its magic
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Step 3: Leave MucOff solution on the bike,wait 5 minutes allow the cleaning product to work its magic
Step 4: Now grab your wash mit/sponge and bucket! Start scrubbing/washing the bike. I work from top of the bike to bottom because the lower you get the dirtier the bike will be. Do wheels last.
Therefore you wont be using a dirty sponge/mit to clean the top of your bike. Everytime you finish wiping on section/ planel dip the sponge in the bucket and rinse to ensure it has not got any dirt on it.
Note: If you still have some stubborn dirt that wont come off re-do steps 2 and 3
Step 5: Rinse the bike off with hose. Move bike to a drier place
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Step 6: Remove seat, use microfibre cloths to dry the bike down, Once again work your way from the top of the bike downwards, do wheels last. Make sure you really go over the bike a few times and in all places you can reach.
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Step 7: Once bike is dry put the seat back on.
Step 8: At this stage, if you wish to do so you can polish/wax your bike. Use bike products like AutoGlym and follow the directions given on back of item.
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Step 9: Well Done you just washed your bike!!!! Now take some pictures and admire what a good job you done. THUMBS UP!!!
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Step 10: Now stick the kettle on and enjoy a nice CUPPA!!
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Step 11: Lubricate your chain. As you have just got it wet, and detergents in the main remove oil and grease

Finishing product!

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