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There are two methods for uploading pictures and Files.
If you are uploading just a handful of fairly small images / files, then feel free to attach them to a post.

If however, you are uploading several large high resolution images / files then you are reccomended to use a file hosting service.

Attaching Method
See images for reference.
(files may be a maximum of 5mb, and you may post up to 10 files per reply. If you require space for whatever reason, please PM a moderator).

  1. In a post, click 'Upload a File' (next to the 'Create Thread' button)
  2. Navigate to the files on your computer, and select them, and clicking 'open'.
  3. Wait for the files to upload.
  4. Optionally insert them to the post as a thumbnail, or full size image.
  5. Alternatively leave them as they are at the bottom of the post.
  6. Click 'Create Thread' as per normal.
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File Hosting Method
The alternative solution, for large files is the following:
(see images for reference)

You can either upload an image to ImageShack or Photobucket, using the on screen instructions, and then positing the image on this forum by right clicking on it, copying the image (the image, NOT the URL), and then pasting it in the thread.

This also works for images all over the internet, such as from Google image search, and MCN etc.

*insert guide here*
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