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Hello all,
I've been doing some research on fuel controllers for a gen 2 R125 ( years 2014-2018) and I am happy to announce that I found one that should fit perfectly, however only fits models up to 2016 as the company specifies. Theres a chance it can fit 2017-2018 models as well, but I am not completely sure about that and havent contacted them regarding those specific years.

The fuel controller that fits a 2014-2016 yamaha yzf r125 is "rapidbike" made by "dimsport".
Rapidbike evo / rapidbike racing ( this one has ignition control)
Both of these controllers fit years 2008-2016.

Just using a rapidbike evo without a "my tuning bike" accesory will increase low-mid range rpm power a bit, noticeable but nothing extreme. A whole kit is recommended but its all up to your budget.

The rapidbike controllers and accesories can be bought from Dimsports main dealer @ Performance Parts Ltd, Suppliers of Performance Components, including parts from Akrapovic, Rizoma, Gilles, Remus, ASV, DC, Galespeed, Galfer, National Cycle, Supersprox, Z-Technik, Zero Gravity, HyperPro, Yoshimura, LSL, Crosspro, Rapid Bike and many others. but you can purchase the controllers from other sources as well.

Another fuel controller that fits gen 2 yzf r125's is "tuneboss" but unfortunately they dont make them anymore and they are extremely difficult to find. Tuneboss does have auto-tune feature as well, but a wideband O2 (lambda) sensor cannot be connected, this specific fuel controller is mainly good for using on big bore kits and it only runs on a stoich AFR 14.7:1 air to fuel ratio.

For 2008-2013 ( 1st gen models ) r125's another good fuel controller option is "Dynojet power commander" . This controller has a auto-tune accesory as well, however the auto-tune on the dynojet uses an old version of the Bosch LSU 4.6 or something wideband O2 sensor. The rapidbike uses the newer and most likely more accurate one "Bosch LSU 4.9" lambda sensor.

Please see a detailed email response from "Dimsport" regarding the rapidbike controller for gen 2 (2014-2016) R125's.

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