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Friends Bike Won't Start Randomly

Discussion in 'YZF-R125 Area' started by Raven, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Raven


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    Harley davidson ultra calasic electraglide
    Hey people. I'm reaching out for help on behalf of a friend.
    He has a yzf 125r 12 plate.
    It randomly won't start at all for days and weeks on end, but when it dose cooperate it will go for days and weeks, without any trouble at all.
    I'm quite mechanical minded but I can't find anything mechanical that could be the problem.
    It has got a thachem, Oxford alarm, immobiliser fitted and that I feel might be the cause, but any suggestions outside of that?
    As I said it will start and run without problem for days then won't start for days.
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