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Fascinating! Ancient Egyptions Had Wireless Electricity, Generated By The Pyramids.

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I just watched this, and it blew my mind.
I definately need to read in to it more, to see how much of it can be proven, but the theory is still very interesting.

Basically, it says that the Ancient Egyptians utilised a form of free, wireless electricity to produce light, for communications, and for industry such as electrolysis to gold plate jewelry.

This electricity, is said to of been produced through the great pyramids, which were NOT used as burial chambers, and instead were designed as functional buildings.

If any of this is true, then it would almost go on to say that the ancient Egyptians were in some ways ahead of us with technology. We don't use wireless electricity as a mainstream power source yet...

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Yeah, I think this is one of those theories which has little to back it up.
But still.. very interesting :)
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