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Hi all,
Just thought I would share this as the Yamaha dealers wanted the bike in workshop to clear fault code 46 (robbing bar stewards). Turns out the spark plug was tracking down the centre electrode and the plug gap was slightly to large. Cleaned the plug and re-gapped to 0.7 to 0.8mm and all good. Problem was bike wouldn't start (it turned over) and the engine management light was flashing this fault code. I wish the Japanese would buy this company back from the cowboys!!! Also another fault was the neutral switch was u/s, the bike would rev and miss slightly with the engine management light briefly showing and the engine dieing when the engine management light came on, the neutral light would occasionally go out when the engine management light came on, but not always, turns out the neutral switch was sticking and had lost its spring tension.
Bike is an 08 plate with 8000 miles on it.
Hope this helps as theres not much info out there as code 46 on the yamaha r6 etc means Vehicle system power supply (Monitor voltage). Power supply to the Fuel Injection system relay is not normal.


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How do you find out what your fault code is?
Do you need to plug it in?

Thanks for sharing the info with us anyway! :)
Good to know!
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