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Error Code 1

Discussion in 'North Yorkshire' started by Radge, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Radge


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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    I crashed about a month ago, 5 weeks maybe. Broke my leg. Just pointless back story. Anyways, as a result my bike has been sat in the garage awaiting repairs. I've turned the engine on once a day and let it idle for 15 mins or so just to keep battery charger and engine in a running state. I forgot to do it the last couple days, did so today, and I've been faced with this error message? Er_1 and no rev counter? I've looked online and only found an answer for the R1 and that it could be an ignition fault, something to do with no signal being recieved!? I also saw it may be an RCU thing.. as an amateur I haven't got a clue I'm hoping someone on here might be able help me!! Screenshot_20171116-111509.jpg
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  3. Logito


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    So what I say now are just suggestions xD
    First up did you check the fuses? If one of them is fried you probably have a blank cable then you have to look at the circuit diagram for your burnt fuse and look wich cabels are connected to it and if you are lucky you find the cable and can fix it(I had this one too)
    So does it run? Did you check your oil? (mine just blinked at me today with error 1 and i just had almost no oil in it now the error is gone)

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