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2008 YZF-R125 (180cc)
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afaik there should be a tiny bit of play in the throttle cable so that when everything's neutral there's just the tiniest (1-2mm) bit of movement i the throttle tube before it starts pulling on the cable.

Presumably this is because the cables are tensioned somewhat when turning etc and would give you the sort of effect you're experiencing. I guess what you don't want is the bike deciding it's going to accelerate just as you turn the bars to lean in to a corner.

I don't recall the exact setup from memory but somewhere along the throttle tube, perhaps at the throttle-body end there ought to be some sort of adjustment collar to allow you to introduce a bit of slack into the cable so you don't get "surprise" acceleration.

As someone who's crashed because of "surprise acceleration" (tho admittedly on a more powerful bike) ..0/10 would not recommend ;)
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