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Edit Your Own Thread Title

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mainly want to change my blog one but just wonderd if i was able to edit it myself or need a moderator to sort it for me :)
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You SHOULD be able to edit it yourself.
What specifically needs changing?
Oh right, the title :p
Silly me. At the top of the blog, top right, you should see the 'Thread Tools' button?

In the drop down, you have the option to edit title...
i dont see it sorry :/ maybe i just dont have the powers to see the tool bar? :S
nor on this page or any threads i have started :(
I will double check the permission settings :)

Okay, I can't find the setting. Either it isn't possible, or I will find it later.
For now, just hit the report button and my amazing moderators will be happy to help you :p

Just be sure to include a description of what you would like done :p
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it wont let me 'submit media' either, says '

You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.'
^^^^^new media tab thing^^^^^
if you could do now would be happy :) just want what i put in brackets removing '(first one here :p)' looks silly now, well it always did lol
Okay, I will remove it for you :)

And I know, the new media tab is broken :p
I am working on it.
It is a new feature, which isn't officially released yet ;)
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