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HowTo: Dual Head Light Conversion

Discussion in 'How To's Tips and Tricks.' started by azz2693, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. MattieHolroyd

    MattieHolroyd Super Member

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    Yamaha R125 2010, Yamaha XS250(on going project)
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
  2. azz2693

    azz2693 Super Member

    Boston, Lincolnshire
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    Soon to be GSXR 600 K8, ZXR400 H1 '89, YZF-R125 '10
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    UK Full Bike
    Just to let you know mate that the low and high beam bulbs are the same H7 type, its just the reflectors that aim the light differently :)
  3. Gavin Willock

    Gavin Willock Member

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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    No mate... The bulbs aren't different... It is adjusted higher in the cluster... And you can't change it..
    One light will always be higher than the other...

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  4. stevie.c1991


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    Yamaha YZF R125(2012)
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    cheers guys, apprciate it!
  5. Can someone help me?? I just lost that little metal ball, I found it, but dunno where it should be in the switch. Images of your post are not available. The headlihghts aren't working anymore, only pass switch works.

    Edit: I placed the ball on the spring, but headlights still don't work. When i press the "pass" button, beam works, but the short-long light switch doesn't work and none of the lights glow, no long nor short headlight, only pass beams work.

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  6. NorthCust

    NorthCust Active Member

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    2008 Yamaha R125
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    UK Full Bike
    em I was planning to do this mod at some point (was planning to follow this video - maybe there's clues in it: ) but haven't had the unit apart yet. If it's the same as the kill-switch side (which I have had apart) there should be little indents for the ball bearing since that + the spring should be what gives it the nice "click" feel.
  7. seb15243

    seb15243 Member

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    Yzf r125, RS50 Streetfighter and Honda VFR750.
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    domukx777 try checking your fuses....

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