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Differences Between Yzf-r125 08-13 And 14-18

Discussion in 'Technical / Mechanical Discussion' started by Dimitah, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Dimitah


    License Currently Held:
    Hello all!

    This is my first post here. I am just finding out about this forum, but I somehow feel I will be sticking around and probably tune in from time to time as I often need info regarding this popular bike.

    I am really sorry if this question has been brought already and comparison was done before, but after a brief search in the forum, I couldn't find a specific thread, listing all the differences between YZF-R125 08-13 and 14-18. I am also hoping I am posting this in the correct sub, but please move it if not.

    This is a little quick list I have come up with, but I would like to expand it, or just be forwarded to an already created one.

    - Exhaust
    - Tail Tidy (bigger bolt holes distance on 14)
    - Left Lower Belly Panel (a little top left corner cut off plastic on 14)
    - Rider Footpegs (pedal separated from the footpeg on 14)
    - Clocks
    - Wheels
    - Bar Ends (bigger thread on 14)
    - Pillion Seat Cowl Panel (longer bolts on 14)

    Thank you all!

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  3. misiozol

    misiozol Member

    Maps are diferent in ecu , there is o2 sensor
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