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Recently I though of replacing my headlight bulbs with Xenon/LED. I have little knowleagde of the process and requirements, so I wanted to ask about the things that I need to buy and do regarding the swap.
I have read that you need some extra conversion wires when switching from iridescent to LED. As far as the bulb itself I know that the motorcycle uses regular H7 bulbs, but do I only need the bulb or do I have to purchase the bulbs with shrouds or no?
Any information regarding this topic is useful to me.
Thank you

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I'm pretty sure that actal xenon lights need a whole different unit rather than just a bulb since it includes a different lens etc too.

You can get "xenon effect/xenon-style" regular bulbs but they're not the same. There was a guy on facebook who was selling very nice zeon/angel-eye kits but I can't find the damn link now :-\

Hope that helps somewhat...
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