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Please read the following, and let me know what you think.
I am new to running a forum, so I am making a lot of this up as I go along, therefore I am inviting you to share your thoughts, on whether I am going about things in a way that you see fit.


I will be the only administrator, if nobody has any objection.
The reason for this, is the site is hosted on my server, and a lot of the server side stuff is handled through the admin panel. The only control that prevents, is the changing of sight layout, style, components, etc.
I will be online regularly, as well as actively partake in the forum use, so I am confident I will be able to suitably fill this role by myself. I have fairly technically adetp, and am more than willing to listen to YOUR input.

Moderators will have the power to ban users, edit / move / delete / lock threads, and all the other day to day maintenance features.

Anyone will be able to report a member, or a post to bring it to our attention.
Anyone can post ideas / suggestions / constructive critisism about the site and the way it is run.


Choosing moderators.

The chosen moderators must be trusted by myself, as admin, as well as by yourselves as the users!
So I propose the following plan for choosing the first moderators.

- We decide on a number of moderators that should suffice to begin with. I am thinking initally, 3 + myself should suffice. When we pick up more members, we can get more moderators.

- I will present you with a list of the top potential moderator candidates, those of whom I feel could fill the role. The criteria for this will be all if not most of the following: Being a long term member. Being an active poster. Being mature. Showing initiative and generally being helpful.

- If any of those candidates does not wish to be a moderator, I will choose the next top potential candidate.

- You, the members will then be able to vote for who you would like to see as your moderators. I will then choose the members with the most votes.

- From then on, if you feel the site needs more moderators, let me know, and we can discuss adding some more.


Please bear in mind, the role of moderator is NOT a status. It is quite a big job.
It will be their role to not only keep the peace, but to keep the forum tidy.
Moving posts to the correct sections, editing titles, monitoring forum usage to identify areas for improvement, and generally keeping the user experience happy and friendly.
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