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Hi folks! first of probably many posts in here, but it seems I’m in the right place,
Recently came off my bike in the wet (I’m fine) and the bike slid along the road on its right hand side bending the brake pedal, I’ve bought a replacement,
Wondering how easy/hard it is to replace the pedal,
Is it a case of foot peg off, pedal and return spring off and on with the new one? or is it a slightly more complicated process?
Thanks in advance folks!

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you'll probably have to loosen the bolts marked in red to access the allen bolt on the back of the spot marked in blue to remove the pedal from the hanger.

All the bolts (red and blue) will probably be tight, expect plenty of threadlock. It may be helpful to loosen red bolts but leave the alu bit etc attached to the frame to give better leverage when loosening the blue. You can do it off the bike but then would need a vice or other way of holding the alu bit still to undo the pedal from it and also needs the brake cylinder detaching in order to remove..

Afaik the brake cylinder is the return spring, and those little button-head bolts on the brake cylinder like to round off and unlike mine in the pic, the stock ones are not stainless... so perhaps soak all nearby bolts with wd40 the night before and/or have some spare bolts on standby (M6 x 15mm button-head stainless allen bolt ought to do it)

Hope that helps :)

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