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This is just a quick guide, I will improve it later and add pics etc.
But for now:

1. Remove the calliper from the bike (Just the bolts that hold it in place, so that it hangs freely). This makes it easier to access. This is easy enough on the front, as it is only two bolts (on the forks) that hold it on, and it just comes away nice and easy. On the rear, (on the '08 plate bikes at least) this requires you to remove the wheel. You CAN leave it on the bike if you like...

**Please don't be tempted to pull the lever at this point, as this pushes the pistons out and makes it difficult to get them back in**

2. Remove the pins(s) that hold the pads in. On the back, it's two allen bolts. On the front, it is just two pins (one on each side I believe).

3. The pads should then just slide out.

4. You now need to push the piston(s) back in to the calliper. These can be a bit stiff, so you may need to *carefully* use a clamp to get them back in. They don't have to go ALL The way back in, but enough so that you can get the new pads in place. The new pads will of course be thicker than the old pads, so need more space.

5. Place the new pads in, they will only go in one way.

6. Bolt em in, and place the calliper back on the rotor, and bolt it back in place.

7. Test it works okay. Remember, it will take up to 100 miles for the new pads to bed in, they may feel a bit wet, or that they lack bite until then.

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thanks for this post! it really helped me for changing the brake pads on the front.
BUT, i have a yzf r-125 of 2010. And after un-doing the bolt that holds the calliper on and the 2 allen bolts of the rear brake, the inside pad doesn't want to drop out?

What shall I do?
thanks a lot :p
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