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Hi all, thought I would move over from the other site. Been riding my R125 for 14 months now, decided to get back on a bike after a short break of 31 years and love every minute of it. Only drove a car about half a dozen times since getting my ride and have to admit I hated it each time.

Hopefully I can bring a bit of experience and maturity to the site, lol :D

Do I qualify as the oldest member on this site? :cool:

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no mor talk about the old site:) i think thats the rule lol!
and nice to meet u!...:D
Not a rule as such... I just don't want us to start on that note :)

And yes, so far I think you MAY just be the oldest member :p
Although, I am not sure how old Benji is...

Edit: Benji is 38, so I think you are ^^
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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