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Botm #38 December Entries (closes On The 20th)

Discussion in 'Bike of The Month - Photography Competition.' started by R125 Rob, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. R125 Rob

    R125 Rob Moderator Staff Member

    East Devon
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    Triumph Street Triple R
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    UK Full Bike
    Well done to grayej for winning last months competition!

    Click *HERE* to view the BOTM Hall of Fame!!!

    The winner of BOTM #38 will have their photo put in the BOTM Hall of Fame & added to the forum banner!
    I wish you all the best of luck. I look forward to seeing what you can come up with, and in the words of Fisher ,
    Happy Photography!
    - The photo MUST NOT be taken by a professional photographer.
    - Do NOT spam this thread. Try and keep it to entries only, take your banter elsewhere!
    - Each member is allowed one entry per month.
    - Photos will be judged on the photograph itself (as opposed to the bike(s) in said photo).
    - Bonus points go for style, creativity, and 'fun' images that make us laugh or smile.
    - There may be random special prizes for winners (no promises).
    - The images don't have to be of an R125... it can be any bike.
    - Please TITLE / caption your photos, otherwise it will be titled FOR you.
    - Please don't enter a photo that has already been entered.
    - All entries must be in within two - three weeks time, when voting will commence.
    - Each member can only enter ONE photo!!
    - Please upload your entry as a FULL SIZE IMAGE... not a thumbnail.
    - It is advised that your entry is Landscape, rather than portrait, as it has to be cropped to fit the horizontal banner.
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  3. lee ogilvie

    lee ogilvie New Member

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    Yamaha Yzf-R125
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    My 2009 yzf earlier in the year when the Scottish weather was slightly better :) P1000252_pe.jpg

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