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Bad Fuel?

Discussion in 'YZF-R125 Area' started by RadactPotato, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. RadactPotato

    RadactPotato New Member

    Current Bike (Optional):
    YZF-R125 '15
    License Currently Held:
    Non UK Provisional Bike
    So, i went out to the store today, and for some reason, my bike was struggling to keep speed more than usual... I had to give full throttle in 4th gear just to get up a really small hill, and my speed still was dropping... Only things i've done to it in the last week is fill up the tank.

    Could the fuel just be bad? I've checked all the basic things, and they seem to be good.
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  3. misiozol

    misiozol Member

    Perhaps you were driving against strong wind :D

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