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so in 2010 i started my biking carer on a little rs50:)

after a long long slow year i upgraded to my 2009 r125 when i turned 17 in september:)

i wasted no time puttin a tail tidy and a termi exhaust i brought off a forum member! and i kept it like this for a month or so

after a month or so i decided i wanted a new screen so i orderd a puing double bubble...

i left it like this till last moth(novemr) and i went in to take my mod 1 and mod 2:) i passed both first time and now i have a full licence...the bike looked good and i was really pleased

them i brought some blue brake lines off bikerboy and fitted them

thats all iv done so far and i am really pleased with the bike:)
i will be lookin to upgrade to a triumph daytona 675 next winter some time when i get £5500 lol!

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That RS50 actually looks quite nice...
Looks like a proper big bike :p
1 - 20 of 327 Posts
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