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*HMS Triumph is affiliated with Triumph Motorcycles*

The Silent Service has its first teddy bear submarine with Lt Rocky at the controls (sometimes) of HMS Triumph, on patrol east of Suez.
The 30cm bear was donated to the Trafalgar-class boat by Triumph Motorcycles as a mascot and has quickly become a fully-fledged member of the ship’s company.

(Because he’s only 30cm tall, Lt Rocky only has a very small camera…) Clockwise from top left: Helping Cdr Rob Dunn and Lt Cdr Bing Crosby with navigation; overseeing the planesman; watching the rugby in Bahrain; and joining the crew on a film night in one of the messes
THE Silent Service has its very first trained teddy bear submariner guiding HMS Triumph on patrol east of Suez.
Lt Rocky – donated to the Devonport-based hunter-killer by her affiliate, Triumph Motorcycles – earned his dolphins, the prized symbol of a qualified submariner, to join the boat on her lengthy deployment.
The 30cm-tall ship’s mascot passed his qualification board (with a little help from chocolate hobnobs to bribe his assessors…) alongside shipmates ETs Walsh and Walker and Wtr Pearson.
With the dolphins fixed proudly to his Triumph Motorcycles leather jacket, Lt Rocky took his place in the control room with fellow warfare officers, spending a lot of his time periscope watch keeping.
The other officers in his watch are often a bit ‘miffed’, however, as every time the teddy needs to look through the mast, the periscope needs to be lowered to the deck so he can see.
Enjoying a spot of fresh bear on the casing with shipmates
Rocky, we’re told, is unfazed by such ‘dripping sessions’ and soon outshone his peers, giving the captain and executive officer advice on navigation and the tactical picture. Some of it was even relevant.
The mascot's arrival is thanks to long-standing links between the famous motorcycle firm and the submarine. The submariners were invited to look around Triumph's Hinckley HQ... and responded with an offer to employees to look around the nuclear boat. They did so - and left a little pressie behind as a thank-you.
Rocky watches the rugby in Bahrain with a little light refreshment
It’s not been all work, work, work for Lt Rocky. He was made to feel very welcome onboard, attended church, as well as the carol service – 2011 was his first Christmas away from his den – and he’s also been treated to a run ashore in Bahrain where he let his fur down and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the small kingdom, and even managed to watch Triumph’s brave defeat to Bahrain Rugby Club.
As for his shipmates, they’re continuing to guide the Trafalgar-class hunter-killer through her lengthy patrol, although they promise to give their furry friend his first taste of a hands to bathe and ship’s company barbecue on the next leg of the deployment.
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