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A Question About Piston Kits

Discussion in 'YZF-R125 Area' started by RadactPotato, Jan 12, 2021 at 8:13 PM.

  1. RadactPotato

    RadactPotato New Member

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    YZF-R125 '15
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    Non UK Provisional Bike
    Will an Airsal (or any other non-OEM piston kit) work in a stock R125 cylinder?
    I'm changing the piston kit on my 2015 R125 as it's eating oil. I asked Yamaha how much an OEM piston kit would be and they told that it would be about 180€ :/
    I'm also taking recommendations for good piston kits that work with the stock cylinder.

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  3. NorthCust

    NorthCust Active Member

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    2008 Yamaha R125, Gasgas TXT 280, Stretched Neos
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    UK Full Bike
    some discussion on that subject here:

    theoretically any aftermarket kit *should* fit, though quality & finish look like it does vary..

    whilst I've bought 2 replacement cylinders they're identical and 180cc so can't really comment on 125cc replacements.

    Someone might suggest that you should switch to a 180cc kit, which is fine (i have on and love it) though bear in mind if you do so - the fuelling will need adjusting (power commander + adjustment. $$), and you would likely have to update your paperwork/registration (if you want to ride legally), and that's if the mod is even allowed in your country. Norway is pretty strict afaik...idk about Finland.

    > I'm also taking recommendations for good piston kits that work with the stock cylinder.

    replacement cylinder will come with a matching piston, wrist pin, piston rings and the circlips to hold the wrist pin in.
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