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Hi everyone. I just finally got back into biking this week after writing off my 2013 r125 in 2015.
I just bought a 2019 gen 2 this R125 Monday just gone. Shes a beauty indeed. Gave her a test ride, definitely didnt notice any knocking. But wasnt really listening for it either, but with how noticable it is I would of thought that I would of, I was there with my brother too and we were trying to find things wrong with it but couldnt find anything.
Got bike in the van, but wasnt strapped up properly and she had a little drop when we went round a corner..

Then the next day I went out on it properly I start to notice this "knocking" sound. Its not as loud as the exhaust but it gets louder & faster with the revs. It definitely doesnt sound natural. My old r125 didnt make it, or I didnt notice it at least.

Again now with this one, I dont really want to take it in unless they are going to fix it under warranty. I just checked it registered June 2019. So it will have warranty left.
But would a problem of this sort fall under warranty? Does that include labour too?
What if I leave the bike with them and they say there is no problem or its not under warranty? I cant afford to pay that after I just got the bike :(
I can try tomorrow of getting a video of it, or do you think it is best to take it straight down?
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