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150cc kit

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Hello, I want to ask you some questions to which I hope you will give me an answer. Before I got my license, I bought a yamaha yzf r125 motorcycle from 2009. After I got my license and started riding it, I noticed that my engine was boiling and losing antifreeze. I understood that it was the cylinder head gasket, I bought the parts and started to disassemble the engine. When I took the cylinder head off, I noticed that my cylinder kit was gone. I didn't notice the first time because the motorcycle in motion behaves well. In a hurry to fix it and the lack of stock in the store in my country, I bought a 150cc kit from Naraku and did a little research on it. I understood from this forum that I will need a power commander which is currently about 400 euros. My questions are the following. I found a second-hand Malossi Force Master 2 power commander for 70 euros to be exact. Will this help me to make my engine work flawlessly? or I will just waste the money. And the second question is if I will have problems with this kit and if I will have to put money into it. I specify that I have a MIVV gp pro sport exhaust installed on my motorcycle, and I will also buy a sport air filter. And will I have to buy something else in addition to the power commander to make the engine run within normal parameters?
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