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150 Cc Kit For Our Bike!

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Does anyone have this?Does yamaha has a kit for it or just for Crypton x 135cc?Does it need a power commander to work on our R?
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The 150cc kit has been used in the past by one of our members.
No it doesn't require a powercomander, as it will work with the stock ECU.

It is what the YZF-R15 bike uses (in india etc.).

I personally don't reckon it is worth the cost, as you probably wont notice a huge increase in performance...
If you can find one cheap, and can fit it yourself then go for it!
Otherwise I would say go for the malossi 182.

for optimum power though, you may want to consider a powercommander with it.
Do we know the results of the kit(hp gain,top speed,hp on wheel)?i found this on ebay for 230€http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/YAMAHA-15...s=63&clkid=5798689939093648613#ht_1634wt_1344 .Malossi kit it's tooooo expensive for me!
please buy it and get dyno then we cna see if its worth it! :D
d-r125 said:
please buy it and get dyno then we cna see if its worth it! :D
Hahahahaha.I am keen to buy it.Change the sprockets and also have a memjet on my bike.Do anyone remember or know the top speed from the other member who got it?
memjet? is that like a powercommander
thought so :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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