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  1. Technical / Mechanical Discussion
    I want to install a BW exhaust but need to remove the old studs as they have seized up. The BW exhaust shows them using bolts instead of studs. Was wondering what is the thread in the engine head and how far do they go into the engine block.
  2. YZF-R125 Area
    Hello, Recently I though of replacing my headlight bulbs with Xenon/LED. I have little knowleagde of the process and requirements, so I wanted to ask about the things that I need to buy and do regarding the swap. I have read that you need some extra conversion wires when switching from...
  3. YZF-R125 Area
    Hi guys I'm a newbie so please go easy ok! LOL I rode, raced and rebuilt motorbikes all through my teens and 20's, now in my 40's and decided to get a little project with an old 2008 one of these. I stripped it, put a new loom in and rebuilt the engine fitting a 180cc cylinder. Worked fine...
  4. YZF-R125 Area
    Hey, First post here,and I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I can get an OEM akra exhaust for the newer r125 cuz mine is hit,and some frame sliders and other protection accessories. Thanks.
  5. YZF-R125 Area
    Hi guys, I know there have been other questions about this in the past, but I haven't found a clear answer, so I would appreciate it if someone kindly answered. I recently purchased the new YZF R125 model 2022 + the Fork Stem Mount from QuadLock. However, for the installation to be successful...
  6. YZF-R125 Area
    Hii guys, I'm 19 and I wanna buy an yzf R125. I'm 5.5 feet tall. Can I ride the R125 with no problems?
  7. Wanted / For Sale
    Dear members, I am looking for a glossy white fender for a yzf r125 08-13 model. Please contact me if you have a new or in new condition one for sale. Shipping to Netherlands at my cost Price is an example. Please contact me and send a picture if possible. Thnx in advance Bart
    £100 GBP
  8. General Biking Chat
    Hi! I have a Yamaha yzf r125 2015 and i would like to upgrade My exhaust to something aftermarket! When looking on the Internett i have found seceral exhaust that state tjue will fit both mt and yzf. My question is if any Yamaha Mt exhaust will also fit the Yamaha yzf bikes? And does a...
  9. Technical / Mechanical Discussion
    I have a Yamaha YZF-R 125 2009 and it worked fine, until a few days ago when the screen didn't turn on anymore. I took the big connector out and plugged it in a few times and it started working. Now it has done it again and won't turn on anymore. The black connector behind the tacho and screen...
  10. General Biking Chat
    Hey, I have a prefl model and recently i’ve been having this problem with my bike where it idles at 1000rpms and sometimes shuts off. Also when I start it and start to drive instantly i can only stay at around 3000rpm, I pull the throttle down all the way down, but the rpms just dont go up. But...
  11. YZF-R125 Area
    So I have a yzf r125 it had broken down on me last week Sunday after a long journey (checked oil levels prior to going out on it) I was told it could possibly be the starter motor and to let a bike mechanic have a look apon further investigation from them they told me my engine had no oil...
  12. YZF-R125 Area
    I started changing my exhaust yesterday on my 08 yzf and snapped off one of the manifold studs. Luckily it's not flush with the engine block but still a pain. Any idea on how to get the broken stud out? And finally, as for the pipe itself.. Despite being advertised as previously used on a...
  13. YZF-R125 Area
    Hello! I am in search of some rubber pieces. You can see these on this picture: . But you can't see them in this picture: . I would to like to buy a pair but I can't find these and don't know how they're called.
  14. General Chat
    So im writing this post to get some help and feed back, this post maybe a little long but feel it is necessary to get to the correct conclusion, I was riding to work on my bike, and I was hitting 60mph, so I switched up to top gear, the bike stopped moving by itself so I released the throttle...
1-15 of 16 Results