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  1. YZF-R125 Area
    So I have a yzf r125 it had broken down on me last week Sunday after a long journey (checked oil levels prior to going out on it) I was told it could possibly be the starter motor and to let a bike mechanic have a look apon further investigation from them they told me my engine had no oil...
  2. YZF-R125 Area
    I started changing my exhaust yesterday on my 08 yzf and snapped off one of the manifold studs. Luckily it's not flush with the engine block but still a pain. Any idea on how to get the broken stud out? And finally, as for the pipe itself.. Despite being advertised as previously used on a...
  3. YZF-R125 Area
    Hello! I am in search of some rubber pieces. You can see these on this picture: . But you can't see them in this picture: . I would to like to buy a pair but I can't find these and don't know how they're called.
  4. General Chat
    So im writing this post to get some help and feed back, this post maybe a little long but feel it is necessary to get to the correct conclusion, I was riding to work on my bike, and I was hitting 60mph, so I switched up to top gear, the bike stopped moving by itself so I released the throttle...
1-4 of 5 Results