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  1. YZF-R125 Area
    I have the Yamaha yzf r125 2015 in gray and black. One of My sidepanels got damaged in the garage and I would like to repair it myself, as it is an easy job. The side panel in question is Matt black like the rest of the outer shell panels on the bike. But to be able to repair it I would need to...
  2. YZF-R125 Area
    I’ve recently bought a 2016 yzf r125 and the left boomerang is scratched a little and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the correct colour of spray paint for the blue and gray
  3. Technical / Mechanical Discussion
    Im looking at replacing the exhaust and dont know where to start, I plan on having the bike for a long time and am just looking for a better and louder sounding exhaust without losing performance. Also am looking at painting the gray mud guard over the front wheel, want it matte black or just...
1-3 of 3 Results