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  1. YZF-R125 Area
    I'm 16 yo boy from Finland and I was wondering witch exhaust should I buy for my yzf r125. It must be e approved because my father is a police and he told me that I could buy any exhaust I want, if it is road legal/e approved. Could you guys help me with my problem. I don't have that much money...
  2. YZF-R125 Area
    I can't decide which exhaust i should get for my 2018 r125. My bike is matt black, and i want the exhaust to match it. I am looking for one which is black, eventually with carbon fiber. I want it to have a deep loud sound, maybe able to pop some flames. Oh and it should be legall, it doesn't...
  3. YZF-R125 Area
    Hello guys! I want to get the Black Widow exhaust for my r125. The problem is, that it isn‘t street legal in any form. It doesn‘t have an E-Number and it‘s way too loud. What will the consequences be, if i get pulled over? Should i risk it? Btw i live in Austria. Thank you
  4. How To's Tips and Tricks.
    Hey! I have a YZF r125 2015 with an Akra exhaust, but I want it even louder. Any tips or tricks on how i can make it louder?
  5. YZF-R125 Area
    I have order a GPR deeptone for my 2018 YZF-R125. They have emailed saying “GPR have recently updated their range so that these systems include a Catalyser. We should still be able to order it without, but please just confirm your preference.” So should I get the exhaust with or without? My...
  6. YZF-R125 Area
    I started changing my exhaust yesterday on my 08 yzf and snapped off one of the manifold studs. Luckily it's not flush with the engine block but still a pain. Any idea on how to get the broken stud out? And finally, as for the pipe itself.. Despite being advertised as previously used on a...
  7. YZF-R125 Area
    Hi there, so I'm looking at getting an akrapovic slip on for my r125 (2017 model). I like the sound akrapovic slip ons make and they look awesome. However I couldn't find much information on which one would fit my bike. Does anyone here know the correct slip on for my bike? If there aren't any...
1-7 of 7 Results