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  1. Technical / Mechanical Discussion
    Hello, I got R125 2021, so i went outside to my bike and turn it on and press to start the engine and the start bugs out and the engine light turned on then engine turned on. But when i drive everything is ok. Day before did few pop and bangs in high rpm after that I went for a chill ride in the...
  2. Want to Buy Gen 1 engine needed

    Wanted / For Sale
    Looking for a gen 1 (2008-2013) yzfr125 engine. Needs to run!
  3. YZF-R125 Area
    Ive got a problem. I just got new cilinder kit installed and i resurfeced my valves with valve paste ant now its making ticking noises. Will it go away after some time or do i need to fix something?
  4. Technical / Mechanical Discussion
    Hi everyone. I just finally got back into biking this week after writing off my 2013 r125 in 2015. I just bought a 2019 gen 2 this R125 Monday just gone. Shes a beauty indeed. Gave her a test ride, definitely didnt notice any knocking. But wasnt really listening for it either, but with how...
1-4 of 4 Results